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Another significant difference between Propecia versus Rogaine is the mechanism of action, or the way the medications work in the body for the treatment of alopecia.

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Minoxidil Youtube

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Customer Reviews
by Lp92, 19.12.2015

During pregnancy hormone levels return back to normal after the delivery of the baby, hair will return to its normal growth pattern. Physical and emotional stress from work or losing a family member as well as serious illnesses due to disease can cause hair loss. There are a number of products with similarity to minoxidil claiming better tolerability and in some cases even better absorption.

by salin6, 02.02.2016

Most men who take a drug for hair growth are doing so for self-esteem and to be more attractive. Please listen to me. Do NOT under any circumstances even for one minute consider taking the testosterone-suppressing drug Proscar or Propecia or Finasteride to give it its chemical name for male pattern balding.

by Alemsin, 19.02.2016

There are minoxidil scalp preparations available which are only suitable for men to use. I know a lot of women wind up with thinning hair and actually some younger folks I know as well.

by magikasky1, 16.01.2016

Studies have only recently begun to be done on some of these all natural products. The foam technology is a convenient way of delivering minoxidil to the scalp without the sticky and often irritating effects of propylene glycol, the delivery compound used in the original 5 solution.

by vfkjq24774, 31.01.2016

If you think a medicine may be causing hair loss, talk with the doctor who prescribed the medicine. Alternatively, this unwanted hair could have been caused by another medical condition, but coincidentally appeared after the application of Rogaine. Although several users have complained about side effects such as low sexual libido and poor sexual performance, the effect of the drug on hair growth is effective.

by karnaval23, 18.02.2016

Hair stylists, nowadays are careful and do their own hair analysis to avoid complaints from their customer-friends.

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